In 2011, our CEO Jitka Borowick earned her bachelor’s degree in public relations from Suffolk University.

Seven years after she graduated, she was honored in April with the university’s prestigious 10 Under 10 Award, given to alumni who, fewer than 10 years removed from their time on campus, are making major contributions in their field and in their community.

“It is an honor to be recognized by a college that has meant so much to me personally and which has helped me achieve a level of success, not only as a small business owner, but as a member of the Cape Cod community,” Jitka said.

During the awards ceremony at Suffolk University’s Sargent Hall, Jitka talked about the importance of taking small steps towards achieving larger goals. In 2003, Jitka first arrived on Cape Cod with the goal of learning the English language. Five years later, she achieved that goal when she graduated from Cape Cod Community College with an associate’s degree in liberal arts.

Her next goal – attending Suffolk University – was one that had long been on Jitka’s radar: “Shortly after I moved to the Cape, it was my dream to attend Suffolk which is why it means so much to receive this award.” She enrolled at Suffolk in 2009, one year after launching Cleangreen.

Jitka expressed her gratitude to the college for not only giving her the support and guidance to grow her company, but for teaching her the value of giving back.

Borowick’s involvement in the community includes serving as president elect of the Rotary Club of Hyannis; chairman of the board for Flower Angels USA; past president of the BNI Convergence Team; and a member of both the Greater Hyannis Area Chamber of Commerce and the CCYP. “Some of the most rewarding moments in my life are when I have found the time to support causes that are making a difference here on Cape Cod,” Jitka said. “Doing so connects me to my community and to others who understand the importance of kindness, charity, and compassion for others.”