Construction Cleaning

The Cape is filled with skilled construction professionals helping residents construct or redesign the home of their dreams. In recent years, Cleangreen has partnered with these professionals to ensure the last step – a thorough, detailed cleaning of your newly constructed or renovated home – is done properly.

We not only have the expertise, but the equipment and manpower to undertake these types of large-scale projects. Our team will leave your home looking shiny, spotless and new.

New Construction Cleaning on Cape Cod

With new homes, our work begins once all construction debris and materials have been removed. While our goal is to complete each job as quickly as possible, we will not do so at the expense of the homeowner’s health or safety.

Throughout the entire process, we communicate with both the general contractor and the homeowner to keep them apprised of our progress, paying special attention to those areas – floors, windows, cabinets, walls – where construction dust and dirt can accumulate.

Our cleaning can detect follow-up items that may have been inadvertently missed by construction crews.

Post-Renovation Cleaning on Cape Cod

Whether you’ve renovated a current space or added onto your house, Cleangreen can put the finishing touches to make your home truly sparkle.

To take full advantage of our services, we recommend a full-house cleaning so that the renovated sections of your home match the non-renovated ones. This will bring a complementary feel to your entire home so the old blends perfectly with the new.

Because renovations can be disruptive, we highly recommend a professional cleaning to minimize your headaches and maximize your delight in your new space.

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Whether you’re a general contractor or a homeowner, Cleangreen can help you with your post-construction clean-up. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate that will meet all your cleaning needs.