Can you believe that most of the Summer is already behind us? Another beautiful Summer on Cape Cod is near its end, and while we will be sad to see this season go, there’s still plenty of time to soak up the sunshine in these coming weeks before the autumnal shift.

That being said, one of the most quintessential aspects of a Cape Cod Summer is the coastline and our world renowned beaches. The sparkling water, warm sand that sinks beneath our feet, the sound of the waves crashing—it is hard to imagine Cape Cod without the beach!

In the name of Cleangreen and our mission to keeping both your home and the environment free of harsh chemicals and pollutants, this month we’re encouraging you to protect our surrounding beaches by implementing simple green practices into your everyday life.

Here’s what we recommend including in your final trips to the beach this Summer:

1. Pick up any and all debris you may see along the beach!
If you’re subscribed to our newsletter, you may have seen this tip as a sneak peak in our August email. The most important takeaway here is that just because it wasn’t your litter, doesn’t mean you should leave it behind for the next person pick up and throw away.

2. Swap out single-use plastic bottles for reusable or compostable products.
Cut the waste by halting your single-use plastic water bottle purchases and instead making a one-time purchase of a reusable water bottle that you can fill up with your liquid of choice; bring to the beach, your next workout or keep in your backpack for easy accessible hydration all day long.

3. Always bring a trash bag with you to the beach to ensure that any waste leaves the beach when you do.
One of the only times you’ll see us with plastic is if we’re using it for trash! Enjoy a full day at the beach with snacks, drinks and good company—just make sure you don’t leave any of it or its packaging behind to drift into our Ocean and be picked up by any wildlife.

4. Pass the green message along to others.
The best way to make an impact on keeping our beaches clean? Encourage others to join you! Get up, get moving and while your whole group goes for a walk along the water, try to have everyone pick up at least one piece of trash on the route there and back.

Above all else, we hope that you’ll consider not only adding more green practices to your everyday life, but remembering that the eco-friendly team at Cleangreen can provide high-quality, customer focused, cost-effective and natural cleaning solutions for your residential, commercial or construction spaces. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!