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Being Clean + Being Green = Cleangreen

When we launched our company in 2008, we believed these two concepts – “being clean” and “being
green” – were so connected that they should become one. And so Cleangreen was born.

Cleangreen is not only our company name. It’s our company ethos. It’s what defines who we are
and what separates us from our competitors.

Our philosophy is simple: cleaning should never come at the expense of the environment. Instead,
cleaning can and should be done in such a way that it protects our families, our homes, our community,
and our planet.

A Healthy Cape Cod

Operating on this beautiful, fragile peninsula known as Cape Cod, Cleangreen understands just how
important being green is to maintaining our quality of life.

We’ve found that being green not only maintains our quality of life, it improves it. By holding ourselves to higher standards, we are letting our customers know that they matter.

It starts with the products we use; you can be assured that anything brought into your home is safe, eco-
friendly, and healthy for you and your loved ones. Our approach is straightforward: we treat your home
or office like we would treat our own home or office.

So what’s important to us – a happy, healthy lifestyle – is ingrained in everything we do.

The Cleangreen Promise

We never treat cleaning like a chore. That’s because we bring a passion and commitment to our

Whether it’s getting rid of those dust bunnies that have become a nuisance, the soap scum that has
become a potential health risk, or the streaks on your windows that have become an eyesore, you can
rest assured that we will take the time, care, and attention needed to turn your home into the oasis you

Cleangreen knows that a clean home is a healthy home. And a healthy home is a happy home. All of this
improves your well-being so you can focus on that which is foremost in your life – your family, your
work, and yourself.

We want you to concentrate on those things because they are important. And they matter, and you
matter. So leave the cleaning to us. You won’t be disappointed. We promise.